Part 1: Mind versus Body

As I continue this unsustainable schedule of leaving my house at 7:00 am to get to school at 8:00, to teach five classes in a row until 2:00. Then wrap up my business, straighten my room, out the door to Northeast Minneapolis for my internship, starting at about 2:45 until 5:15. Then through downtown Minneapolis to arrive at home at 6:00 pm. No time to stop, now check the cats, make dinner, collapse into the couch.

Weekends are all I have for homework – but I must divide the time between grading my students – that takes about 8 hours – and all the work for class – much, much more than any time I have that remains. As, I am not unique in this busy schedule, I can see where it sounds like I am whining. I am. I am, but in the way I used to complain about not having enough time to set up my lab in the week before school. I complained, teachers agreed, but they had to make copies and hang up posters. I had to set up, and reconfigure a lab of misfit computers that worked or did not. Whine.

When I work my body like this, something will break – and it usually is me. I am “medically fragile” which means that I have (several) chronic conditions that require near constant supervision by medical professionals and if I stopped taking my meds, I would not continue to be alive. I am used to getting sick and staying sick for long periods of time, but I see I have no time for that this semester. So I fight to continue working on everything, keep all balls in the air, try to make it to the end.

The fever struck me at 3:00pm Friday. A serious arm infection – a cellulitis – I used to get these all the time until I underwent a year of painful “decongestive therapy” to remove the volume of lymph and scarred tissue that was the chronic edema in my arm. I was free from infection for a year before last year. The cellulitis hospitalized me, damaged my heart with excess fluid, made me more vulnerable. This infection was the first since then. I missed school Monday and missed two days of interning as a result.

I cannot “power through” my sickness like a healthy person. Instead, I get vulnerable and then I am a magnet for virus and bacteria. I complain a lot about being sick. Yes. I do. In the battle of mind versus body, body wins every time.


About Susan Wolfe

In the midst of a career change, moving from educator to codifier of knowledge. I desire to be a technical writer - transferring knowledge through the written word. I received my Master's of Archives & Records Administration from San Jose State University. My research focus was developing strategies enabling effective the capture of tacit and implicit knowledge from Communities of Practice (Professional Learning Communities) so that it can be can be collected and codified. I exist in the real world and online soaking up Best Practices for Knowledge Management and Immersive Education. Specialties Knowledge Management [KM]: Communities of Practice, Digital Asset Management [DAM], Project Management. Content Management Systems [CMS]: Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Open Wonderland, MOOCs STEM Education [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math]: Career and Technical Education [CTE], Instructional Design, Immersive Education, Graphic Design, Digital Photography
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