The connections between my old and new career

The connections between my old and new career

Since I am a vocationally certified Career & Technical Educator, the state of Minnesota requires all programs that receive Carl Perkins Funding to complete a program approval every 5 years. Carl Perkins CT&E Act is a federal grant funding secondary and post-secondary CT&E programs in the United States. I have six state approved courses that I can teach, four of which I choose to offer while I pursued my MARA degree.

The certification of a program of study is quite an endeavor. What needs to be done is to place national and International industry standards into your units of study. This sort of thing is easy for me to understand, and I happily place standards into generic units used by all the Graphics teachers in my district.

I have found that my familiarity with CTE standards and Program recertification has given me a good foundation to create a records retention schedule for school districts. Since the last State issued schedule was issued in 2000, I have found some references to State statutes that have been repealed since it was issued. Those tiny details make the work very rewarding in my opinion.


About Susan Wolfe

In the midst of a career change, moving from educator to codifier of knowledge. I desire to be a technical writer - transferring knowledge through the written word. I received my Master's of Archives & Records Administration from San Jose State University. My research focus was developing strategies enabling effective the capture of tacit and implicit knowledge from Communities of Practice (Professional Learning Communities) so that it can be can be collected and codified. I exist in the real world and online soaking up Best Practices for Knowledge Management and Immersive Education. Specialties Knowledge Management [KM]: Communities of Practice, Digital Asset Management [DAM], Project Management. Content Management Systems [CMS]: Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Open Wonderland, MOOCs STEM Education [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math]: Career and Technical Education [CTE], Instructional Design, Immersive Education, Graphic Design, Digital Photography
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