Underground Data Warehouse

The only evidence that a data warehouse is on-site is the cooling and supplementary power units. Here is a snapshot.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

On the left are the backup power generators; on the right is the huge cooling unit. In the center, not shown in this photo, is an indent in the ground. This area contains skylights for the entryway of the facilities. The warehouse is carefully guarded with redundancies, several locked doors requiring advancing, levels of access granted.

My new work area is located just behind the set of windows at the bottom right of the photo (the second floor). I am writing logic for the software developers to trigger disposition of records according to the records retention schedule. The files that are being controlled are located within the data warehouse – safe and secure – with proper redundancies, disaster plans, and security measures in place.





About Susan Wolfe

In the midst of a career change, moving from educator to codifier of knowledge. I desire to be a technical writer - transferring knowledge through the written word. I received my Master's of Archives & Records Administration from San Jose State University. My research focus was developing strategies enabling effective the capture of tacit and implicit knowledge from Communities of Practice (Professional Learning Communities) so that it can be can be collected and codified. I exist in the real world and online soaking up Best Practices for Knowledge Management and Immersive Education. Specialties Knowledge Management [KM]: Communities of Practice, Digital Asset Management [DAM], Project Management. Content Management Systems [CMS]: Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Open Wonderland, MOOCs STEM Education [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math]: Career and Technical Education [CTE], Instructional Design, Immersive Education, Graphic Design, Digital Photography
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